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Seeds Coffee Helps Take “Fair Trade” To a New Level

Over the last few years, there has been a push for this thing called “fair trade generic cialis express.” In short, fair trade helps to provide fair prices to producers who are primarily in developing countries. With this incredible initiative, these producers are receiving higher wages – allas a result of the fair trade process.

Fair trade is definitely an initiative worth supporting and has brought much-needed awareness to the issue of producers from developing countries being underpaid.

However, what if we could do more—provide even higher wages for these producers?

At Seeds Coffee Co., we strive to do just that – to work directly with coffee farmers to provide them higher wages, even higher than what fair trade offers. By developing relationships with these farmers and providing higher incentives for higher-quality coffee, companies like Seeds Coffee Co. and Thrive Farmers (an Atlanta-based company that we currently get half of our coffee from) are able to provide higher payment and therefore a higher chance of sustainability for these producers.

With this model, coffee farmers are receiving higher wages and consumers are obtaining higher quality coffee.

Coffee is a Medium for the Gospel

At Seeds, our mission is far more than just about providing high-quality coffee and fair wages to coffee famers – we are committed to community and to developing lasting relationships. When you walk into Seeds, our goal is for you to feel like you belong and you are part of what we are doing – that you are valued.

We view coffee as a medium for the Gospel. Everyone loves coffee and in developing countries, coffee plays a major role. Seeds is simply part of the plan – it is only one component of not only spreading but also living out the Gospel.

We want you to join our community – to fellowship with us – to help change the lives of others and spread the Gospel one coffee bean at a time.

If you have any questions about Seeds Coffee Co. or upcoming events please contact us today or come visit us at 174 Oxmoor Road. Remember to also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!