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Latte Art: A Brief History

If you have been to Seeds Coffee Co. and you have ordered a latte, then you have been in the presence of latte art (even if you may not have known the “technical” term). Latte art is created when you pour steamed milk (that is a specific temperature and consistency) into a shot of espresso to create a design in the coffee. birmingham coffee

The picture shows an example of one possible result of the process (with much practice and a specific technique, of course). This, my friends, is latte art.

The Origin of Latte Art

The specific origin of latte art is debated with many people citing its origin back to Italy; however, most people believe that latte art in some form or fashion has been around for a while – developing at different times in different cultures.

When it comes to its strong presence in coffee culture today, we can attribute the development to a man named David Schomer who popularized latte art in the United States in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Today, there is even a World of Latte Art Championship competition where people from across the world compete for the best creations. This does not take into consideration the many local competitions across the world.

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