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The Seeds Coffee Roasting Process

At Seeds, everything essentially starts and stops with the coffee roasting process acheter cialis. In fact, we have found that to be true with most coffee shops that do their own roasting. How you roast ultimately determines the environment of your café, including everything from your customers to the style and décor of your shop.

Why? Because roasting your own coffee gives you control over the beans you choose and the flavors you want out of your coffee. This reflects the vision and mission of your shop.

Seeds’ Roasting Process

At Seeds, our focus is on high-quality, unique beans and amazing stories. When you get coffee from us, you can rest assured that it comes with an amazing story and/or supports coffee farmers from around the world that are providing beans of excellent (often award-winning) quality.

For example, our Sumatra beans are unique because not only are the beans high-quality, but they also come with an amazing story. We roast and sell this coffee because by doing so we are supporting Gospel-centered farmers and their mission of spreading the Gospel.

Also, our Guatemala coffee comes from a farmer that has award-winning coffee beans and is widely known in his home country.

The Medium Roast

Coffee drinkers always have an opinion of how they like their coffee. Some people will prefer the darkest roast possible, while others will prefer a medium or light roast. At Seeds, we choose a roast that makes the most sense for that specific coffee bean. Typically, we fall in the “medium roast” category – for those familiar with the roasting process, we mostly use a City+ roast.

At the end of the day, our roasting process is designed to get the most flavor out of that bean – a bean that is high-quality, unique, and packaged with a powerful story.

If you have any specific questions about the Seeds roasting process or would like to learn more, feel free to contact us!