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The Coffee Flavor Wheel by Counter Culture

Many avid wine drinkers are well aware of wine aroma wheels. With a few quick sniffs, you can often pin down the wine’s aromas into one of the many categories, using the wheel to work your way outward. In fact, there are even aroma wheels for different wine varieties ranging from Chardonnay and Nebbiolo to Pinot Noir and Carmenere. Below is a picture of one of the wheels that Aromaster recommends for a companion to wine tasting.

flavor wheel

Did you know that a staggering 83% of adults in the United States drink coffee? When you break the numbers down it comes down to around three cups of coffee per day, which is 587 million cups. That, my friends, is a lot of coffee.

Despite the large number of coffee consumers within the country, a small percentage of them know about the flavor wheel for coffee. For the last eighteen years, those who have utilized a flavor wheel have turned to the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Now, however, Counter Culture Coffee has their own version of the wheel, which is displayed below.

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Like the wine wheel, you can utilize a coffee flavor wheel in conjunction with coffee tasting in order to better appreciate the complexity of the beverage. With that being said, this new wheel by Counter Culture Coffee is actually designed to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible by roasters (and avid coffee drinkers). Timothy Hill, Buyer and Quality Control Manager for the company, is adamant that they would like your honest feedback, including any criticisms of the wheel so that Counter Culture Coffee can work to make the wheel better and therefore more useful.

To learn more about the new coffee wheel, check out the Daily Coffee News article, complete with an interview with Hill himself.

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