Seeds Coffee Company began when a group of friends started roasting coffee in their kitchen using a Whirly Pop popcorn roaster. What originally started out as a hobby quickly developed into a passion for coffee, including a desire to learn as much as possible about the roasting process. Through trial and error, thorough online research and training sessions, they learned about detailed aspects of coffee, including sourcing, roasting, and tasting – always seeking out “a better cup.”

Our Shop

Located at 174 Oxmoor Road

Seeds Coffee is a Birmingham, AL coffee shop that is as lively and active as it is warm and welcoming. We believe in giving our customers hand-crafted coffee from the best coffee beans in the world – and believe that a cup of coffee isn’t just a cup of coffee. It’s also a piece of art.

From latte art, like hearts and our famous Seeds dragon, to artisan-crafted brews, Seeds has the rich coffee experience our customers have come to expect from their community coffee shop.

Our Brew Methods

Since part of the Seeds experience is the hand-crafted nature of our coffee, we utilize a variety of brew methods, including pour-over, batch brew, nitro cold brew, and espresso.


Our Roaster

We opened the Homewood café on April 14, 2013 and recently upgraded to a new roaster – the Ambex 5 Kilo. At Seeds, we choose the roast that brings out the best flavor for the specific bean. Typically, our roasting style falles in the “medium roast” category. (Technically speaking, we tend to do a City+ roast).

Why does this matter? How you roast determines the entire environment of your café, including everything from your customer to shop decor. Furthermore, the way that you roast gives you control over a variety of things, including the flavor of the coffee.

Our search for exceptional coffee has led us around the world. With each cup is a story — from the farm to the customer.