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Part of the mission of Seeds Coffee is partnering with coffee farmers around the world to improve their livelihood and communities. We consistently purchase coffee that often exceeds Fair Trade value, all while working with international agencies to bring schools, medicines, and hope to these farmers. Furthermore, Seeds Coffee partners with a variety of local non-profits that focus on community improvement and compassionate missions.

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The Common Thread Community began as a collective of people who were looking for more than just a weekly gathering. A true desire to labor together in community and to leverage all their gifts and resources for a common cause: the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations. Learn more about their mission by visiting The Common Thread Community website.

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Blessed Hope is focused on the millions of children without a mom or dad who are struggling in this world as they navigate the foster system. Learn more about orphan care by visiting the Blessed Hope website.

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KultureCity began from the parents of a child with autism and realizing the stress of caring for a child with special needs can become overwhelming and even isolating. More often than not these families exist with no social support system, and simple daily tasks can become real challenges. There is a huge unmet need for many families with special needs children. Visit the KultureCity website to learn more. 

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Redemptive Cycles’ goal is to fulfill the needs of transport to those who are without, by offering alternative solutions in acquiring a bicycle. They supply the sale of used and rebuilt bikes at affordable costs. They also offer work/trade-based earn-a-bike programs and build-a-bike programs. Learn more about the massive impact a bicycle can have on someone’s life at the Redemptive Cycles website.

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Rafiki is a Swahili word that translates to English as “friend” and that is what we seek to be to those at Rafiki orphanage in Ghana. Learn more by visiting the Rafiki Friends website. 


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