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Sumatra Huta Raja


Origin Sumatra
Region Huta Raja Simalungun
Elevation 4800 ft.
Varietal Catimor Typica
Process Semi-Washed Wet Hull
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We present to you a coffee from our friends and partners in the Huta Raja Collective of Northern Simalungun, Indonesia. The Huta Raja

Collective began in 2014 and has grown from a single-family farm to a small village of growers, pickers, and processors.

The combination of volcanic-rich soil, elevation, and microclimates produced by the ancient Lake Toba, creates the signature complex flavors in Sumatran Arabicas. This coffee was directly sourced, processed, and exported by our long-term partner, Lisa and Leo’s Organic. It has undergone a semi-washed, wet hull process and was dried on raised beds.

Tastes Like: Earthy, Sweet, Grapefruit

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Weight 12 oz