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COFFEE GIZMO: Artisanal Coffee – Brewseful App

 H ow about a new coffee gizmo that you don’t have to pay for (well, if you already have an iPhone)? Kevin Zweerwink gives you one in Brewseful; a simple timer app for brewing artisanal coffee now available for free on the Apple App Store.

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Brewseful’s app interface gives coffee enthusiasts a minimal and simple timer to easily keep track of their brewing times. You can add events partway through the brew time, calculate water:grounds ratios, and save custom brew timers to use again later.

The app’s user interface is designed with a stark black and white contrast with large numbers, clear alert sounds and a green progress indicator, all of which make it easy to keep your attention on your coffee.

This new app gives you a gizmo that’s FREE (AWESOME) and takes up no additional space on your countertops or in your bags. Brewseful lets you specify your preferred coffee-to-water ratio, cup size and even coarseness of the grind and save these as presets. This allows you to have a go-to for Chemex brewing that’s completely different from your setting for pour-over — each of which can be further fine-tuned to take the particulars of various roasts and blends into account.

Giving even more control, Brewseful’s handy “event” sliders indicate when the pouring begins and ends, when to stir and finally, when it’s ready to enjoy, promising a perfectly customized cup every time cialis canada.

You can take your artisanal brewing to the next level now by downloading the app here on the iTunes store for free.

Fine tune timing & add custom events for precision and consistency.

Save different timers for different beans, brew methods, or roasts.

Tweak ratios and grind settings to get the perfect cup.