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COFFEE GIZMO: The Manual Coffeemaker for Pour Over Coffee

We brew the majority of our coffee in our shop using the pour over method. Traditional electric coffeemakers make it so easy to brew a cup of coffee, but they remove you from the process – taking it out of your hands and resulting in coffee that tastes mass-produced. For that reason alone, pour-over brewing has become the go-to method among people who really care about their coffee.

The Manual Coffeemaker is a pour over coffee gizmo that puts the control back in your hands, letting you brew individual cups that perfectly suit your taste. The “contraption” is handcrafted from double-wall sculpted glass, letting you view the process while holding in all the necessary heat. All you have to do is place a filter into the funnel at the top, pour water over the grounds, and let it fill the included carafe. The Manual Coffeemaker brews one cup at a time, making it perfect for small offices or individual use.

The Manual Coffeemaker finished its backing campaign today on Kickstarter, garnering over $100,000 in funding. It’s not too late for you to jump in on this project just because the campaign is over. Check out the video below and visit their website to pre-order your Manual Coffeemaker for $80 today.