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Pour Over Coffee at Home – Kalita Wave

At Seeds Coffee, we use a variety of brew methods ranging from the pour-over and Chemex to the Aeropress. A lot of times we have customers come in and ask us how they can utilize the pour-over method at home. Here is a look at how to make pour-over coffee at home using a Kalita Wave (which you can purchase from our shop).

Step One:  Grind 23 grams of coffee for one cup with a medium grind. Prepare 345 grams of 205 degree water (alternatively you can heat the water until it starts to boil, remove it from the heat, and let it sit for 30 seconds).

Step Two: Pre-wet the Kalita Wave filter, which is specifically designed to maximize even water distribution across the grounds cialis vendre.

Step Three: Pour the grinded coffee into the filter. Then, pour a thin-layer of water evenly across all of the grounds. It is best to use a goose-neck kettle (like a Bonavita Kettle). Let it sit 20 – 30 seconds.

Step Four: Pour the remainder of the water in a spiral motion from the center out, evenly covering the grounds and pushing them into a flat bed at the bottom of the dripper.

Step Five: Enjoy the aroma and taste!

Come by our shop at 174 Oxmoor Road and learn more about brewing Seeds coffee from your home!