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Ladang Isabella

Ladang Isabella: The Newest Coffee at Seeds

We always get excited when we get a new coffee in the shop, but this particular coffee has a story that is near to our hearts. Keep reading to find out more about it, including where it comes from and why we’re so excited to finally serve it.

What Is Ladang Isabella’s Story?

This organic, family-run ladang (“farm” in the Simalungun dialect) is managed by the lovely Isabella, known by many as Ibu (“sister”) Isabella. Leo & Lisa’s Organic has partnered with her and her family to provide guidance and support for their crop management and harvesting.

Seeds has had a relationship with Leo and Lisa for about two years now and have purchased coffee from their farm in the past. But this is the first time that we have bought coffee from one of their partner farmers. Several of us here at Seeds have connected personally with Isabella and her family, not only to commit to purchase their coffee, but to get to know them personally and learn some about the way they choose to grow and pick their coffee. One of our founders, Jeff Huey, took his wife and children to visit Ladang Isabella this summer and they were able to help with the picking, processing, and shipping of the very coffee that we will be serving in our shop. During their two-month coffee harvest visit to Sumatra, Jeff, his family, and the others traveling with them were able to spend lots of quality time with Leo and Lisa, as well as Isabella and her husband “Sheriff”.

The varietal for this crop is Sigarar Utang and is part of a line of premium specialty coffee produced on Isabella’s farm and processed with great care by Lisa and Leo’s Organic.

The intentional use of shade trees, organic inputs, and native plants for insect control are part of the farm’s program of improvements to build sustainable, high-quality crops. Each season, the processing will alternate between producing Naturals and Fully Washed coffees. Ripe coffee cherries are exclusively hand-picked and the quality control is consistent.The farm, which sits at 1,300 meters ASL, is located in Huta Raja, Simalungun North Sumatra.

More about Leo & Lisa’s Organic

Leo & Lisa’s is all about Relationship Coffee. While this isn’t a new concept, figuring out how to implement it into a working model that is sustainable for the key people in the relationship is the tricky part.

Opportunities abound for developing relationships in the coffee industry. On the producer side, Leo & Lisa’s Organic decided to develop a program that could accomplish the following:

  •      Have an immediate and long term environmental and economic impact in Simalungun   for producers.
  •      Create a transparent Relationship Coffee from farmer to roaster that allows the cost of the final coffee to include funds for necessary crop maintenance.
  •      Involve the producer in the price negotiations for their crop.
  •      Be organic, sustainable, and grow into a crop maintenance schedule the producer manages independently of Leo & Lisa’s Organic.
  •      Produce Specialty Grade coffees from these farms for local sales within the blossoming Specialty Coffee culture in Indonesia.

Leo and Lisa have successfully replicated their Farm Adoption Program with 3 single family farms and one collective, The Purba Farmer Group (recently renamed the Huta Raja Collective). Their Relationship Coffee market partners, all groundbreaking roasters, are located in Indonesia.

Come Try Our Coffee!

Whether you’re loyal to one of our other coffees or eager to try the new Sumatra, we’d love to see you in our store. Come see us in Homewood at 174 Oxmoor Road or at our new location in Lakeview (expected opening in September 2017).