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Seeds Lakeview

Seeds Lakeview Is Making Progress!

Are you as excited as we are about our new Lakeview location? Okay, that’s probably not a fair question – nobody could be as excited as we are! But if you’ve had occasion to stop by our future Lakeview home, you may have noticed that things are really moving along. Here’s a quick update on the latest developments!

Oh, We’re (Over) Halfway There…

Big things are happening in Lakeview as our new location is way over halfway complete! In fact, if you were to walk by today, you would see that the mural project is finished and the coffee bar is installed, complete with our new Modbar undercounter espresso machines! Back-bar shelving went up a couple weeks ago thanks to some amazing design interns from Appleseed Workshop and just a few days ago we settled all of our kitchen equipment into its new home. Bet you didn’t know we’re going to have a full kitchen at Lakeview and will finally be able to start making our own pastries and breakfast items in-house! We’re thrilled to see the project come together so well and can’t wait to get all moved in and start brewing!

Our goal for this new location is to have an innovative, inviting shop for people on their way to and from work, school, or hangout time in the Lakeview area. The shop will be open later this year, and we hope to see you there!

What Can You Do in the Meantime?

While you wait for our Lakeview store to be completed, why don’t you stop by our Homewood shop for a taste of our coffee or a cold beer? Ask us about our relationship with coffee farmers, our wholesale services, or just sit and chat for a minute. We love being part of this community, and we welcome people from all walks of life through our doors. Learn more about Seeds today! Also, follow us on social media (links or prompts) to stay updated on our progress at Lakeview and more ways to get involved.