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Two Minutes with a Bearded Barista – Wholesale talk with Blake

Once a month, Seeds Coffee will release a new 2 Minutes with a Bearded Barista video. To kick things off, we’d like to introduce you to Blake, head of our Wholesale Program. Blake joined the Seeds family in 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited about what he brings to the table. So, set aside two minutes and get to know a little bit about Blake and Seeds’ growing wholesale offerings.

Why Wholesale?

You may be asking yourself: “Why wholesale?” or, “I didn’t know Seeds had a wholesale program.” It’s new — we rolled it out January 1. We’ve been building systems, and we’ve been cultivating a nice coffee lineup to be able to serve wholesale customers well.

What Is Wholesale?

Basically, my job is to sell coffee for Seeds to people who are opening coffee shops, or to churches, businesses, Mom and Pop shops, whatever it may be.

How Does Seeds Do Wholesale?

We consider ourselves a full-service wholesale program, meaning we do training, consulting, barflow, layout, equipment (sell equipment, install it, maintain it), all that kind of thing. So how does wholesale fit in with who Seeds is and our vision of being present in this community?

Another reason that Seeds exists is because of relationships. We have relationships with farmers all over the world, from Indonesia to Laos to Guatemala. The more coffee we sell, the more we are able to buy from farmers, the more we are able to fully help them out in their situations, and the deeper relationships we’re able to grow.

We also see each one of our wholesale accounts as a relationship. A fun fact is that we don’t make anybody sign any kind of contract, which is really just a good business practice. We just want to serve people so well that they don’t consider using other people. We want to grow that relationship to where if something’s wonky or there’s something they don’t like, they feel like they can come to us, and talk to us, and we can talk through that.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply shoot us an email ( or personally give us a call at (205) 259-6405, or just come by and see us and hang out!