“So, how do y’all know each other?” asked the nurse as I was lying in my hospital bed across from Jeff, Brett, and Matthew.

Such a simple question never seemed so complex.

“Well, they encompass everything from neighbors, cousins, roommates, and coworkers,” I replied. I guess I never really realized how much overlap there was in my life with just these three people and many more. One word seems to bring it all together: “family.”

As I continued my stay in the hospital, for another week after that encounter with the nurse, more of my family came to stay overnight, bring food, encourage, pray and sing over me. Some stayed to watch my 11-month-old son so that my wife and I could be together. My parents drove up from Mobile in the middle of the night and took time off work to be with me and keep everyone updated on how I was doing.

It wasn’t easy on my wife or me during this time, but we didn’t feel abandoned or trapped. We had people that we could call upon to help us during this time. Overall, we just felt like we were covered.

The night I got back from the hospital was a special one. I was reunited with this family as we gathered together to worship and pray. The words spoken and prayers for healing over me were so powerful.  Walking into Seeds the first time was also memorable. I was instantly met by regulars who had heard of what I was going through. They let me know that they to had been praying for me. I couldn’t be more thankful for this company and I look forward to the many years of being a part of this family.

-Chandler Roberds