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Drinks and Friends: A Poem by Anthony Bunger

Seeds Coffee Company has meant much to the staff and many customers that enjoy coffee. I wrote this poem to express the meaning of both the beverages that we enjoy and atmosphere and connections we have found in Seeds, in order to celebrate and honor the work that has been put into this business. Thanks to the Seeds family, to Jim, Taylor, Marcy, Jeff, Brett, Lindsey, etc. who have spent years struggling in this work, and in doing so paved the way for us to enjoy each other and to enjoy great coffee.

Drinks and Friends

We check the portafilter for evenness; powdery coffee grounds

settle as we nudge them into a beautiful puck. Caramel, dark

chocolate, almond — swirls of brown pour from the machine

as our craft gathers into a white cup.

Beside us, glass decanters hold metal brewers, as paper

filters receive arcs of water rotating hypnotically. The grinder

burrs hum and screech as coffee grinds spew out; steamy water

plops into the kettle, and timers chime in announcement of tea.

The air buzzes with family — Cheers

and Central Perk set the stage, but they were an act.

Our business guests stay in our homes, and we share

rides to and from work; we work with our husbands and wives.

We built this business ourselves — decor, menu, and machinery.

Our co-workers swarm through, make themselves drinks,

and bring coffee from exotic others. We watch customers

pour in, and in joy we juggle conversations and orders.