Farmer Highlight: Tong Won

Tong Won is our coffee manager and farmer in the cooperative. You are tasting some of his beans. His beans mean a lot to us because from the start he has been all in to starting this cooperative. He is a natural leader, but a super humble man who is willing to sacrifice and wants this cooperative to exist not for his own gain but to see his people flourish. He has worked alongside us as a teammate and is one of the reasons Auxano Coffee exists. He has a family that he works hard for but an overall burden for the village, his beans are not only processed by him but covered in his love, dedication and selflessness. When waking up early to stir this coffee, sometimes Tong Won would beat us to it. When you drink this coffee, remember the faces behind it, think of how hard they work and how much this means to them. It might just be a cup of coffee but it’s their life’s work.