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Coffee Around the World: How Different Countries Prefer Their Coffee

All over the world people begin their days the same way—they get up, and they grab a cup of coffee. Depending on where you are, though, that cup of coffee could look very, very different.


In Finland, you’d grab a cup of juustoleipä or cheese curds, and pour your hot coffee right over it.

Turkey—Türk Kahvesi

In Turkey they simmer their ground coffee beans in a special brass or copper pot (a cezve) and leave the grounds in! Don’t worry—they settle to the bottom.


This coffee can be served hot or cold and is three parts black coffee, seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea.

Australia—Flat White

This Australian favorite is similar to a latte, but much smaller. They take a shot of espresso and pour microfoam, or steamed, velvety milk, over it.


A classic summer beverage in Greece, this coffee drink consists of iced coffee drowned in milk foam.

Italy—Espresso Romano

This espresso comes with something unexpected—a slice of lemon! It’s said that the lemon brings out sweeter flavors in the coffee.

Vietnam—Cà phê đá

In Vietnam, they don’t hold back with their coffee. This drink is seriously sweet and seriously strong. Made with coarsely ground dark roast coffee, it’s brewed straight into a cup of condensed milk and ice through a French drip filter.

Mexico—Café de Olla

In Mexico you’ll find their coffee simmered with a cinnamon stick and served in a clay mug. You definitely won’t find refined cane sugar! The locals believe that their clay mugs themselves bring out the coffee’s flavors.

Senegal—Café Touba

Flavored with Guinea pepper and sometimes cloves, this coffee has a kick to it. The spices are mixed in with the coffee beans and roasted together for maximum flavor.


This drink is similar to an espresso in the sense that it’s a very small but very strong cup of coffee. The difference here is that it’s pre-sweetened, meaning that it’s brewed with the sugar.

Spain—Café Bombón

For those who enjoy their coffee on the sweeter side, this thick and sugary drink is equal amounts condensed milk and black coffee.

Ireland—Irish Coffee

If you’ve ever heard someone use the expression “make it Irish,” you know what goes into this one. The Irish take their coffee with whiskey (from Ireland of course), sugar and thick cream.


This decadent coffee drink is made with rum and sugar and is usually topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Saudi Arabia—Qahwa

This coffee is made with a lot of spices, including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, saffron and ginger. It’s often served with dried dates to offset the strong and bitter taste of the coffee.

However you like your coffee, there’s probably someone else across the world who likes it the same way! Next time you’re grabbing your morning brew, try pouring it over cheese curds or adding some new spices and see where you coffee allegiance really lies.
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