About Seeds Coffee

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We believe…

At Seeds, we believe everyone should enjoy their coffee experience.

We are a unique nonprofit that functions as a quality-driven specialty coffee shop that exists to host all walks of life, as well as meet people where they are – whether it’s with those among us in Birmingham, Alabama or the coffee farmer in Indonesia.

What we try to do at Seeds is to cultivate community in a relational context.

We create an environment where everyone feels welcome

Where children can come and play

Where parents don’t feel like they can’t visit our shop

Where businessmen in nice suits feel as welcome as college kids

Seeds and Sustainable Trade

Seeds also believes in the sustainable coffee trade.

We believe that in order to meet our goal as a community-based and farmer direct company, we must work to bridge the gap in creating a sustainable supply and demand trade that includes everyone from the farmer to the coffee consumer.

Our Long-Term Goal

The long-term goal of Seeds Coffee is to model transparency and sustainable relationships through the resource of coffee. We plan to meet this goal by establishing community building roasters and cafes with the intention of sourcing coffee with the farmer in mind. Our desire is to be a part of every step of the coffee supply chain and to instill value and respect through every partnership.

In order to help sustain coffee farmers we must increase the demand for coffee sales in our city and the southeastern United States. Truthfully, without the ability to purchase large amounts of coffee from the farm, sustainability is not achievable as a company. If we can create a demand for more coffee and raise awareness of the challenges facing coffee farmers we believe we can have great impact in and through the coffee supply chain!