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2808 7th Ave S #105, Birmingham, AL 35233

M-Th: 7:00a-4:00p

Friday: 7:00a-6:00p

Saturday: 8:00a-6:00p


Our second location encompasses the world of coffee through art, style, and precise caffeinated beverage execution. In a way this store is our alter ego and gives us creative expression to put in to practice all we have learned along the coffee journey. We also introduce for the first time a full kitchen and food experience to create a beautiful paring of coffee and eats.




174 Oxmoor Rd Homewood, AL, 35209

M-Th: 6:30a-7:00p

F-Sat: 7:30a-7:00p


Our original location that personifies what it means to come “home”. This store is nostalgic and is designed for a feel good comfort and laid back atmosphere. At the Homewood store we pride ourselves with excellent quality products and a friendly staff.